2020/21 21.05.2020  -  31.12.3000
When you have registered , please check your profile under "Edit profile" to make sure that your card number is listed correctly.
The database we are pulling data from, is not always up-to-date, and might have failed in picking up your DTU access card. 
Or if you do not have an access card yet, you can add it to your profile, as soon as you get your hands on it, as our data-base dose not auto fetch new data. 
You can always check your card status on: 
We have added two new category following the extraordenary general assembly in 2020. 
People working for DTU and ph.D''s will now have to sign up under the "DTU Associate" category. 
All other DTU students should just sign up under DTU students. 
For DTU associate.
You will need to use your DTU E-mail as you account.
For students, it is important that you use @student.dtu.dk
For Non-DTU
If you are not a part of DTU, you will need to get a DTU Climbing access card, before creating an account.
As the account name you should use, will be listed on the card itself.
If you create an account with the wrong name, your card will not be activated.
For any questions, please check the FAQ, under info. 
or write to reg@dtu.climbing.dk

Membership - student (DTU) (dtuS)
This group is for any students at DTU.
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Membership - DTU associate (empl)
This is for DTU employees, including Ph.D''s.
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Membership - non-DTU (norm)
This group is for people that are not part of DTU, and are not students.
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Membership - student (Non-DTU) (Stud)
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