Friluftsland is an outdoor shop, that sells all you need for climbing and other outdoor activities. Members of DTU climbing can get a 10% discount on all product (not on sale items).


Bison Boulders:

Bison Boulders is a bouldering gym located in Søborg (around 7.5 kM from DTU). They offer 10-trip cards for 750/850 (DTU associated/non-DTU associated) and 25% off day tickets and memberships. 

For new Climbers, bison also has a First Ascent introduction team. First Ascent - Bison Boulders


Nature Climbing:

 Nature climbing is a climbing brand based in Aarhus, Denmark. They focus on using natural, sustainable materials in all of their products with amazing designs meant to inspire you. They make climbing holds using wood and stone, mimicking the outdoors, as well as high quality climbing brushes and clothing. To check them out, click on their logo below.


 Petzl was founded in Crolles, France in 1975. They make climbing gear as well as mountaineering/caving gear. Their focus is on their 4 fundamental pillars: family ownership, industrial excellence, innovative spirit, and community engagement. Using these pillars, they are able to make exploration a safer endeavour for all who wish to experience the joy it brings. To check them out, click on their logo below.


Mad Rock:

 Mad Rock was founded in 2002 with a focus on sophisticated, high quality designs and products offered at a fair price. They continually strive to improve their climbing shoes by experimenting with rubber and different materials to maximize performance. They offer many different climbing products such as shoes, chalk bags, crash pads and more. To check them out, click on their logo below.


Chalk Cartel:

 Chalk Cartel was started in 2017 in New Mexico. They focus on high performance chalk and sustainability to honor the "leave no trace" principle. They also have programs such as the Heroes Discount to give back to all those who keep us safe and healthy in their day to day lives. On top of offering high quality chalk, they also offer a small range of other climbing products. To check them out, click on their logo below.

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