Climbing Trips

DTU Climbing wants to encourage more climbing trips for its members and by its members. This is to introduce the aspect of outdoor bouldering and to strengthen the community in our gym. For this reason we are supporting two types of trips, the board-planned and the self-planned. More details for each type can be read below.

For both trips, DTU Climbing will refund costs for gasoline, bridge toll, public transport and even car rental for up to 250 DKK per member. For a trip to Kjugekull and back, gas plus two trips on the bridge is around 1100 DKK, so if a car is filled up with DTU Climbing members, the trip can be fully covered.

It is important to note that ONLY members of DTU Climbing will be eligible for a refund.

If a car rental is necessary, make sure that it is okay to drive it across borders.

It is not possible to borrow the beginner climbing shoes from the club and bring them outdoors as they are not made for that. They are built for indoor holds and will feel very slippery on the rock and will also get damaged a lot.

Board-planned trips

The board will a couple of times a year plan a one-day trip to go to Kjugekull. These trips will be announced on the facebook group and be made as an event where more information can be found.

For these types of trips both crash pads and guidebooks will be brought by a board member and it is therefore not necessary to book them.

Self-planned trips

It can happen that it is not possible to join one of the board-planned trips or maybe some members would like to go climbing even more. Whether the case, the club fully supports self-planned trips as well!

These trips are not limited to one-day trips, like the ones planned by the board. Feel therefore free to plan a whole weekend trip, if that is desired. Just remember to look into camping possibilities and other important factors regarding that aspect.

For these trips, crashpads and guidebooks will have to be booked through our website under the tab “Booking”.

It is also possible to use the trip to go sport climbing. This gym is a bouldering gym and we do not have any equipment to rent out and we cannot provide any of the necessary training that is needed for lead climbing. The individuals going on such trips are fully responsible to gather all needed equipment it takes to safely lead climb

How to get refunded after a trip

In order to be eligible for a refund, there are a few mandatory aspects to consider:

To get reimbursed, send an email to: with the following information:

  • The total cost.

  • List of who was in the car and how many were members of the club.

  • Pictures of receipts.

  • Konto and registration number to transfer the money to.

Additional information and guidance for trips

Make sure you know how to boulder outdoors. Watch some youtube videos or read about how to place crashpads and how to spot each other during climbs to make sure everyone gets home safe. When placing crashpads, make a mental note if a rock or root is under a certain part as landing on a crash pad with a pointy rock underneath could still result in an injury.

Generally when outdoors, it is good practice to “Leave no trace”. This means making sure all trash is collected and brought home and only footprints are left after your trip. In addition to that, when climbing it is also good practice to brush away any of your tick marks when leaving a boulder.

It is always important to bring a guidebook or at least find information about the area and the rutes. We have some guidebooks that can be rented out from the tab "Booking". Some areas are covered by 27crags ( or thecrag ( Be aware that some information online is not always up to date.

Ideas of where to go:

  • Kjugekull (Bouldering)

  • Kullaberg (Sport climbing)

  • Soffabacken (Sport climbing)

  • Bornholm (Sport and Bouldering)

  • Göteborg (Sport climbing)

Climbing packing list:

  • Climbing shoes (Not the ones from the gym)

  • Crashpads

  • Guidebook(s)

  • Chalk

Nice-to-have packing list:

  • Water!

  • Lunch

  • Sunscreen

  • Snacks

  • Mosquito spray (Swedish mosquitoes are not to be taken lightly!)

  • First aid kit

  • Climbing tape

  • Climbing brush

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