Rules and recommendation for building boulders on our walls.

As everybody is allowed to build routes, and encourage to do so, there needs to be some rules to keep the walls looking inviting, instead of chaos and confusement.

If you are interested in tips and guide line for building. You can join the “build a boulder” days. Where we spend a day building, testing and commenting about building boulders. 

Rules for building boulders:

·         Problems needs to use the same color holds.

                 o Unless you are building a route out of holds already on the wall.
                 o Keep to the same series of holds, or at least the same shade of color. 
                 o Avoid building with colors that are already on the wall, close to where you want to build.
 All holds needs to be marked with tape.

o   The tape color indicate the difficulty of the route.

o   The starting holds needs to have the full name of the route, with underline of the markings for the rest of the holds.

o   The start and end needs to be marked with two dots, unless it is a top out. Then “Top Out” needs to be clearly written on the last holds before the top out.

o   The starting holds should have your initials on it, so people knows how build the problem.

·         When you are done with your problem, write it up on the right whiteboard.

o   There is a whiteboard for each section.

Problems that will be removed:

·         Elimination problems:

o   Taken an existing problems and “elimination” holds.

§  Elimination holds are part of challenging yourself, and it is highly recommended, but plastering the wall with extra tape add noise and confusement.

·         Routes that use existing routes as a base for the new route.

o   If you add something to the end and/or start of an already existing problem.

·         Campus problems/challenged problems:

o   Problems that demand that you read an essay before starting, with rules and limitation for how to climb the routes.

§  Removing volumes and section of the walls from your problem is okay, but try to avoid it.

·         Routes build from scratch with different color holds.

                 o We might just change the holds out with different holds to stick to the same color, keeping the beta and spirit of the problem.      
 Dangerous routes.

o   Climbing at DTU climbing is on your own risk.
But we do not want to encourage people getting hurt, by marking high risk boulders.

o   This includes boulders jumping to and from the windowsill

 Any routes build the day of a section or wall cleaning without talking with the board.

       o Section cleaning is preceded by a BBBB or a hired setter. Both needs clean walls to get the most out of the day/setter. 

Problems that will be changed:

All changed will try to be carried out with as little disruption to your problems as possible.

·         Holds changed/moved due to being in the way of already existing problems.

o   The problems that are on the wall have priorities, if you cannot get your problem to fit, wait for the next time that there is section cleaning.

·         If the backside of holds are sticking out from the surface, they are on.

o   The back side of the holds are often sharp, and people can be caught on them.

·         Using the wrong color or series.

o   This is done to make the route look nice and easier to climb.

Building white-routes:

·         Try to use already exiting holds on the wall as much as possible, to avoid making a chaotic looking wall.

·         All holds needs a mark to show that they are part of the same route.

·         If you are marking left, right, and numbers, remember to put arrows in pointing towards the next hold.

·         Feet can be marked.

o   This is done by putting a white piece of tape next to the feet.

·         White routes are not allowed to be built within the first week after a section cleaning

o   White routes takes up a lot of space, leaving little to nothing left for building boulders problems.

·         Max 2 numbers of white routes per wall section.

o   If your white-route overlaps another make sure that it is easy to spot the difference.

o   Avoid the same numbered on the hold close to each other.



The boarded wishes you happy boulder building.

If you have any questions or comments to anything above, either find a board member or write to us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you are building a lot, and want access to the power tools, talk with Charlie.