Q: Are there shoes in the club?

A: Due to Coronoa, we do not have any shoes that you can borrow, so you will have to bring your own, or climb in socks. 
Out door shoes and bare feet are a NO GO! 

Q: What do I need to start climbing at DTU Climbing

 A: We are a boulder gym only, and you can borrow shoes at the gym, so all you need is  cloth you can move in.

Q: How do I contact the board?

A: Write an E-mail to: Info@dtuclimbing.dk

A: Join our Facebook group: DTU Climbing


Q: Why is my card not working?

First thing is to make sure that we have your card registred. Go to your " Edit profile" and make sure that your right card no. i listed under "DTU Kort nummer" under "name and address". 
If your card is not listed here, then we please add it, and click "update profile" at the bottom. 

Then check your card status on: https://cardadmin.cas.dtu.dk/

Q: How do I change my card number?
If you get a new card, you can change your card number under "Edit profile" the first filed called "DTU Kort nummer" is the access card that we are activating.  


Q: How do I get a card for the gym? 

A1: If you are a part of DTU, you will have a access card, this is the card that is used to get access to the gym.

A2: If you are not a part of DTU, then you should come by in the club during the facility tryout times (as described on the front page).
Else, you can go to DTU sport in the glass office in building 101: entrance b. Their opening hours are:


Monday to Wednesday kl. 10.00 - 13.00.

Thursday: 15.00 - 17.00 

Friday: 10.00 - 13.00.


Q: Are their lockets available? I can see some of them are empty.

A: We sell access to a locker for a semster or a seaosn. You can look in the shop, to see if there are any avaible. If the shop is empthy, then there are no lockers.  

Q: When is the gym open?

A: We follow the DTU’s opening hours: 05:00 - 22:45


A: The gym will be closed doing events that uses the hall below it, such as exam, job fair and other events.

We will post on Facebook when this happen, and try to keep our calendar up to date.


Q: When are the trips? 

 A: we will post on Facebook when there are trips close; else check the calendar they are colored purple.


Q: Why was my locker cut open? In addition, how do I get my stuff back?

A: Every season start; we will cut open all the lockers that are not spoken for. If you have taken a locker, without asking for one/buying one, we cannot contact you and we have therefor cut open the locker and emptied it.

A: All the stuff from the locker have been place in a bag with a number on it, and you can get it back by contacting the board. 


Q: Is there a discount, as there is only X-amount of month left?

A: There is no discount, even if there is only one day left of the season.