Open gym sessions (Climb for free)

If you wish to try out the club, there are free open gym sessions.
There will be free open gym sessions on the first Thursday of every month expect December, Juli and August.
There are free open gym sessions every Thursday in February and September
All open gym sessions are from 17:30 - 19:00. No signup is needed, you just need to show up

Dates for open gym sessions can be found in the Calendar and on the front page.

Other events

  • Team Training. An often weekly event where people of every level can show up and train together, guided by a trainer.

  • Section Cleaning. Do you want to help out the club and clear some of the walls, so that they are ready for new boulders? Then this is the event for you. We need a few people for taking holds off the walls and placing them back into storage. Thereby the walls and holds will be ready for new problems at the Be a Better Boulder Builder.

  • BBBB (Be a Better Boulder Builder). Event for members of the club to attend and build new boulder problems for the club. These boulder problems are left on the walls, such that others can also try the problems.

  • Movie nights. Previously movies in the "Reel Rock" series have been shown.

  • Climbing competition. Usually 2 times a year, a climbing competition is held at the gym. Each problem is worth a total of 100 points, that will be shared evenly among the people that manage to complete the problem. The spring competition will usually be a 1-2 week competition, while the fall competition will be a 1-day competition. There will be prizes for the winners.

All information about events will be shared in the Facebook group. Dates and times for events can also be found in the Calendar

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