DTU Climbing General assembly 28 March 2022



  1. Choosing moderator and referent
  2. Report from chairman
  3. Finances
    1. Past year
    2. Budget for next year
  4. Changing membership fee
  5. Proposals from the board
  6. Proposals from the members
  7. Election of chairman
  8. Election of treasurer
  9. Election of board members
  10. Any other business



  1. Referent Matilda. Moderator Charlie because no one voted against.
  2. Report from chairman Charlie (see slides). Due to corona not much has happened and membership numbers and finances have recovered. A fire safety assessment has been carried out by DTU. We probably need to add an additional fire exit. Two more projects (wall and tower) – more about it below
  3. Finances by Sarah (see slides). 
    1. We got funding from different corona support funds during 2021 and some money from DTU Sport for different minor things. Some money allocated for cleaning was reallocated for holds instead as we did not need as much money for cleaning as expected. We spent 44 000 dkk on new rental shoes. Yearly accounting for 2021 approved. 
    2. A very conservative estimate has been made for 2022 and with these estimates we are still within our finances.
  4. Membership fee is brought up as standard question. The board suggests keeping the fee as it is, and no one opposes.
  5. Rope climbing tower outside. Status: meetings with CAS have been held and there has been a competition for design of the tower. One Winning design has been chosen (Charlie showed renditions of the design). The tower should be able to host competitions and would be placed next to the football/rugby field. Pending final approval from DTU and then funding needs to be acquired. New walls inside. A first rough estimate is 800 000 DKK. We need fire approval first and then more accurate drawings, funding etc. Time horizon for this project probably year.
  6. Proposal from Morten. Repainting of the walls indoors. Estimated budget 10 000 DKK. There is agreement that this is a good idea. We would start with one section of the wall and see how it works. No one opposes the suggestion so the board together with Morten will look into proceeding with this.
  7. Charlie is the only candidate for chairman and no one opposes his election. Charlie is elected as chairman.
  8. Sarah is the only candidate for treasurer, and no one opposes. Sarah is elected as chairman.
  9. Magnus, Isabelle and Matilda continue as old members of the board. Jonas and Fredrik, Alberto, Anders volunteer as new members, Jonas as sub. 
  10. AOB. The blue grading is very broad. We should downgrade the purple slightly so blue is not too hard. In general make sure that lower end grades are not too hard.
    Route setting for comp. We will have hired setters and there will be no grades on the routes.


New members:

  1. Jonas Winther (sub)
  2. Alberto Raheli
  3. Frederik Krogsdal Jacobsen
  4. Anders Frem Wolstrup




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