DTU Climbing General Assembly 2019

Everything in yellow is added after, to clarify a few things

No. of participant: 15 (including 7 board members)

Moderator: Charlie
referent: Anne

Firstly: Chairman’s yearly report

         - Sum-up the last year; what have happened, what have the board improved; we still have IT problems

         - Upgrading the way IT is running and how we register members: we are trying to cooperate with CAS and Klubmodul

      o All members are being activated manually

      o It will take at least a year before it can be changes

      o We are trying to integrate new memberships: semester and yearly

      o New system with the lockers

         - Improvements for our homepage are still on-going

         - Continuing have a competition in the spring and fall

         - The chaos wall has gotten mixed responses but for now we will keep it

         - New shell system which has encourage more people to build

         - Moving DTU Climbing: two approaches

         1. Fire safety

         2. Reaching out to external fonds to get money and then we can argue to be moved

  We should be worried to be kicked-out!

(The full report, that was summarized during the Assembly, can be found on the homepage)

Secondly: Finances

Last year

         - Advertise the t-shirt more!

         - We used 51K less than expected which is fine depending on the expenses

         - Q: how many members do we have?

         o From 2018-2019 we had 834 members. ATM we have 530 members.

         - Q: are we going to create an email specificly for the treasor?

         o Yes

         - We over spend on gear, due to the increase in members, the board agreed on spending a bit extra on volumes, than otherwise planned.

         (The finance can be found on the homepage)

      Economic proposal for this year

      The chairman proposes the economy for next year for the participants to vote for.

         - Number of members is based on last year

         - The money for the outdoor boulder is being handled on its own (including events, route setters, etc.)

         - New vacuum cleaners are added to the budget

  Comment: is it a good idea to spend all the saved money when we might get kicked out or we want to move?

         - Yes: we can easily borrow money,

         - We can perhaps not fit everything we would like to have in the gym, so it might not be relevant to spend money on it.

         - Other gyms also use a washing machine. And the set-up we have today is not a long lasting one.

   The No’s where not always counted. We will note this for the next board meeting. As some people, choose to abstain for voting

The budget was approved with a deficit around 160.000. But if there where new location, we would reorganize our money, to prioritize moving and setting up in a new place 

   Section cleaning, rout setters and BB-day:

   YES: 11



   Option 1: buying stock


   NO: 11

   Option 2: buying it for members ordering

   YES: 7


   Again: try to sell the t-shirts that we already have. ADVERTISE!!!

   Moon board:

   YES: 8

   NO: 3

   We will buy the latest moon board (maybe tension board)

   Washing machine:

   YES: 12  


   Climbing treadmill wall:

   YES: 6

   NO: 5

   Approval of the budget:

   YES: 12


   The last three points are depending on us finding space for the equipment. And if we find a new place before we get the equipment, we will    priorities getting the new space up and running before spending money on the Moon board, Washing machine or treadmill wall.

   Thirdly: advertisement for trips

         - Proposal: advertise your trip more than 2 weeks before you go and then the club will give 250DKK pr. Member going

         o If we are spending all our money of this, we will stop it, but it is mostly to encourage people to go

         - We will also buy new guide books

         o Renting out the books, crash-pads, etc.

         § The board will agree on prices for renting and how much to put up for deposit. The price range will be student friendly, and the money will go towards getting new crash pads and books in the long run.

   YES: 14


   Fourth: changing the membership fee

   We are pretty cheap, and we want to increase the membership fee. We will not vote on it today because DKLAF might change their fee later. Arguments for increasing the membership fee is so we can save money, buy more holds but also in case that the Danish Climbing Association (DKLAF) might increase their membership fee (which is atm 4000DKK). Being a member of DKLAF get our member access to DKLAF competitions, workshops, etc.
DTU Climbing is using the membership in case we need money for moving the gym.

There will be an Extraordinary general assembly in somewhere between Marts and May.

(DKLAF can help out with borrowing money, and they are helping out with looking for founding atm. It was also added, that if the membership fee to DKAL was going to increase, we would vote on DTU Climbing needs to be a part of DKLAF, at the Extraordinary General assembly.)

Fifth: proposal from members

   Answer to Bernd: we are first and foremost a boulder club, so we make boulder trips and do not priorities rope trips.

   The board is highly encouraging members to go to different climbing gyms in Copenhagen to boulder or climb lead. However, we will not work on getting a high wall.

(Bend ask about DTU Climbing’s general goal of climbing, and what kind of climbing DTU Climbing is supporting. His mail can be found on the homepage)

Election of chairman:

Charlie re-elects.

YES: 14


Election of treasure:


YES: 14




(Sarah and Rasmus both offered to take the passion as treasure after Jacob stepped down. We skipped the vote on Rasmus, as Sarah was elected.)

Re-election of members:

Rasmus: more craft man ship, keep on developing the project

Victor: help more with building

Anna: trips, contributing to the environment at DTU

Anne: keep on developing the club

Søren: trips, help the on-going projects.

Frederik: more outdoor, spread a lot of joy, take part on the development o

Anton: continue developing the trips and try to arrange more events

Isabelle: more club trips and more gathering, making a community (not joining)

Lastly: any other business

         - Increasing the DKLAF membership: does any body have any addition (NO).

         - Moving the General Assembly, so it fits with other sports clubs. It is nothing that we can vote for now… (It will be taken up on the extraordinary general assembly.)

         - When we will have a general assembly concerning the member ship fee will we take up the vote for DKALF.

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