Chairman’s report 2019

This year we started out with an almost completely new board, with me as chairman.
I have chosen to turn the club in a direction there is more in line with the rest of the gyms in Copenhagen.
Having multiple section cleaning and keeping the problems in the same colors, and series mostly.
At the same time, we have started joining PF in their introduction week for new master students.
These two events have taken our membership numbers from around 500 in 2016 and 2017 to over 800 in 2018. We ended last season with 830 members.

We started the year with many IT problems, including fucking up our card registrations.
We had problems again around December. We are still unsure as to the reason for the second breakdown, but with the thanks to many patience members, we got through both periods without too much hassle.

We are working together with DTU Sport to get (the system our webpage is using) to talk together with CAS card system, to avoid a lot of the manual labor there is in registering new members, and make the whole process faster and more reliable. The first step in this process have been made, and now new members are activated automatically.
With the new system in place, we have a few challenges ahead of us, to make sure that everything runs smoothly when we open up for the new season.

We are working towards getting a system that can activate all our members automatically, do signup automated, to limit the amount of work we have to do, and make sure that everybody can get to climbing far faster. We are also trying to get the system set up in a way to set up different membership possibilities. I will get back to this a bit later

We are trying a new system, for how to rent out our lockers, to give our members and us a better way to keep track of the lockers. For us, who got what locker, and the members can see if there are any lockers available. We are still looking into some of the kinks of the system, and hopefully getting a better handle on everything for next season start.
We have decided to reserve a row of the lockers for half a year only, to give half-year students the possibility to have a locker, even if they start in February have changed quite a bit. We have added different menus and pages to give a more professional look. We are still working some ideas that will use our webpage more.

The reason for the new design is that DTU have gotten a new design policy, and with that DTU Sport have made changed to get a uniform look throughout all of the sports clubs under DTU Sport, that is of course including DTU Climbing.
That have resulted in us changed the banner on our homepage and on the Facebook page.
All of Sports club under DTU Sports have gotten a new designs, with a figure representing their sports, like the man on the back of our T-shirts. This is a design based on what we got for our T-shirts. Which is a design from Victor’s mom, that we like and are great full for.
Last year people where asking for T-shirts, so we got T-shirts made. We bought 200 T-shirts to make sure that we had in all sizes for male and female.
This was not included in last year’s budget, but when we looked at how many more members we had, than what we had budget for, we saw no reason to wait for this year’s budget proposal.
The T-shirts are in organic-cotton and Marine blue, voted for on our Facebook page and the sizes chosen based on the feedback from Facebook.

We have once again hired route setters, the get a good quality of problems and proper grading, and getting different builder styles in our gym, to increase to overall quality of our climbers.
We are still working on keeping the grading proper. We have gotten positive feedback on our greens and yellows, but there are still some complains about our blues. We have since our last comp, added purple to try and combat this problem.

We send Charlie (Me) on a route-setting course, to be a better setter, and learn how to teach people to build. With that in mind, we have had a couple of “Be a better boulder build”- days. To try to increase the overall quality of problems being set in the gym. With different approach to find a way that works best, and I think I have found a formula that works decently for getting people to build, but could still use some improvement, to get people to learn from the sessions.
I am interested in getting feedback and ideas for these workshops or wishes if you have any, and try to get something that works and produces high quality problems.

We have had two comp this year. Both of witch where great success.
The second comp was due to the fact that we have many half year students, that are not here for our year comp in February/Marts.
This is something we will try to do against next year.

We have had some trips this year, with more or less success. The board have decided to try a new approach. We will get back to this during “Proposals from the board”.

We have bought new campus Rungs and two new hangboards. That Rasmus have put up in the club.
Our rungs where old worn down. The hangboards are two different hangboards than the beast makers.
Again, with the many new members, we need more training facility and the two hangboards we bought have a different approach to training than the beast makers. They have come home, and we are trying to figure out the best place, and solution for getting them up.
The rungs where from last year’s general assembly, where as the hangboards where something we felt that we needed, to limited the waiting to for training.

We have started getting cleaning done on our madrassas. We are still figuring out how often it is needed, and if it is good enough.

We have put up a chaos wall at the end of the cave, in agreement with last year’s general assembly. With the increase in section cleanings, we have enough space to build on, and are not lacking space for boulders. People that are using it seems happy about it. The bottom give the option of three different angles to climb on, to divers the chaos wall.

We have added some more equipment to the climbing area, as weights, elastics bands and other stuff. We are working on getting some better storing system for all the gear, and we need to find a way to teach out climbers how to put the weights back on their racks.

Last thing, is that we got a completely new storage system for our holds. DTU Sport paid for this whole system, including the boxes. And we are thankful for getting a system that is nice and presentable. We have gotten good positive feedback, both for our own builders, but from the builders we are hiring. It make it easier to see what is available to build with, and a great why to get inspiration. Specially for builders that do not know our holds.
It is a giant improvement over the last system, but it still needs some adjustment that could make it better, it is something I would want to work on for next year.

Things outside DTU Climbing

I have chosen to go into the board of DTU sport, to see if we can get a bit more influence and heads up for things that are happening at DTU

As we are the biggest club, besides fitness, at DTU, I thought it important that our members are represented at the meetings concerning DTU Sport. Especially with the concerns CAS are raising about the safety hazard that are our Climbing gym.

The Danish climbing association (DKLAF), are still trying to increase the membership fee. We are paying 35 kr. per member atm. They want to raise it up to 95 kr.
DKLAF main focus is opening new clubs, working with kids, and trying to get people 40+ into climbing, and a lot of focus of rob climbing, and training qualified people to train other people in rob climbing (top, lead and trek).

If they raise their price, we either will have to follow suite, or limited our expenses. (We will get back to this point doing our budget talk)
There is a meeting at the end of the year where the members of DKLAF will vote for or against an increase in membership fee.

This is a point that should be discussed, as we are one of the biggest clubs and have a lot of votes for this subject. I am sorry for not sending out all the information about this ahead of time, as I should have done. But we as a board still think we are lagging information, and want a better and more clear picture to present, to give everybody the knowledge needed to vote on where DTU Climbing stand on this subject.

I have added it to AOB at the end, if there are anyone that got anything they want to add or discus about it.

New locations for DTU Climbing.

Here at the end of the report. I will note that we have again brought up the talks about finding a new place for DTU Climbing. We have two approach to this, and are following both of them.

First one, is that we are in talks with DTU Sport and Cas about our situation. In conjunction with DTU sport, we made a list of concerns and problems we have with our club.
The Lack of space for the amount of people we have, abide by the general safety regulation of having at least 3 meters from wall to edge at any giving point, and our problems following the Danish fire regulations.

To see how bad our situation is, and what could be done about some of the things, DTU Sport have brought DTU Fire inspection in to do a report on our gym, just too if there is anything we could do about it. The general consensus of the report is, that DTU Climbing needs to be relocated.

This report have DTU Sport brought to CAS attention, with other problems concerning the different sports clubs in 101. To see if we can find a solution, and hopefully convince CAS and DTU that the best solution is building a new building.

Our second appreciation is in collaboration with DKLAF.
We are ATM trying to construct a draft, that can showcase the great potation of building a sports facility at DTU. That are mend to be presented to different founds, such as “Bevæg for livet” and “Lokale og Anlægsfonden”. With the goal of raising, enough money to convince DTU and CAS that it is a great idea to build a new Sports gym.

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